Past Projects - making a difference


The projects with which the David Dale Trust has been involved are numerous and varied.

During 2016/16, the Trust has been pleased to provide funds for the repair of the Pastor's house in Rugobagoba.  Previously Pastor Joseph and his family had lived half an hour's motorcycle ride away making an effective pastoral ministry extremely difficult.  Now the Pastor and his family are happily settled in their newly refurbished home. 

  Pastor's house at Rugobagoba

In March 2015 the Trust was able to assist the Diocese in the setting up of a credit association for pastors. During their February visit, trustees were able to review the comprehensive set of rules that had been drawn up which cover eligibility, purpose, and governance of an important facility which will provide a very useful financial safety net for clergy and their wives.  The clergy make contributions to the fund and the Diocese supports it  through allocation of income from its guest accommodation, Alleluia House.  It is hoped that this scheme will be a real encouragement to all participants as well as providing a model for other micro credit initiatives.  The Trust is pleased to announce that it has received funds for the first year’s seed capital and has received promises for a further £10,000.


Whilst funds are mostly forthcoming from individual supporters of the Trust, in some cases parishes and schools in the UK have become involved with specific parishes in Rwanda.


Building works continue at Shyogwe

Following Rev Jim Stevens first visit to Rwanda in 2000, he encouraged the Parish of St Philip’s Dorridge and St James Bentley Heath to fund a Health Centre in Shyogwe. From these beginnings a vibrant  and effective medical facility is now in place. 


Dressmaking at rugendabariA church in Marchwood continues to provide funds for vocational training in Nyarugenge, and another in Hereford provides for the same in Rugendabari.  The trust has provided knitting machines for some women on the completion of their training.

Carpentry at Rugendabari 

Knitting machine skills




Water tank at HanikaA girls' school in Bournemouth has provided funds for much needed water tanks in Hanika.  Formerly students queued in the heat for hours to collect water at a local well.  Such links provide benefits for both parties – the building of relationships and understanding across different cultures.  This link continues to be strong and the girls have recently raised  further substantial amount through a sponsored walk. 


Queueing for water

Completed water tank at Hanika










Shaki dispensary


Individual sponsors have ensured the continuation of an exciting development of a health centre at Shaki, a distant outpost where the nearest medical facilities were formerly a day’s hike away for a good many people.   Here, Rev Sylvester is pictured with the local architect and the medical staff.






Rev Louis Pasteur and his wife, Rose


Through the Trust, the university fees of Rev Louis Pasteur Kabayiza (pictured here with his wife Rose) were met at a time when he was facing severe financial difficulties.  Rev Louis is now based in Hanika Parish and is encouraging the growth of two new churches.  The Trust continues to assist him in his endeavours.



Pastors house with windowsFor the most part, the Trust provides funds to support and encourage the people on the ground in projects already initiated by themselves.  On one visit, Trustees became aware of the plight of a pastor’s family who were facing health issues because of the state of his house.   An appeal by the Trust made funds available to complete the house. 

Roof panels for Kavumu chapel 



In other instances, the Trust has given money for metal roofs to complete new church buildings started on the initiative of local parishioners. Similarly funds have been donated to install solar panels at a remote health centre. 


Land, in this land-locked country the size of Wales, will soon be at a premium and the Trust is currently prioritising the many requests for land purchase to enable the commencement of various agriculture and building projects.


Typical mud brick house

Small boy with cow