About Us




Chairman:  Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence


Stephen first visited Rwanda with David Dale in the autumn of 2011 and is keen to progress the work of the Shyogwe Trust.  He acted as churchwarden in his last parish and whilst there served as administrator for an Alpha course and for 15 years served as treasurer for the church maintenance trust.  By training he is a chartered accountant with business interests in the fields of international re-insurance and business software.




Treasurer:  Peter Muir

Peter MuirPeter is a chartered accountant with his own consultancy business and is the treasurer for the trust.  Active in his local church he regularly leads intercessory prayers.  Peter is also a Trustee of the Bible Society that seeks to spread the Bible through translation throughout the world.  He is also a director of Bible Society Resources Limited that runs Christian exhibitions and provides Christian resources for the wider church.  He lives in Tredington in Gloucestershire, is not a keen gardener and is married to Jill.




Rev Jim Stevens (Commissary to Bishop Jered)

Rev Jim StevensJim recently retired from Parish ministry in the Church of England. He first went to Rwanda in 2000 with a group of clergy concerned to listen to and learn from the church in Rwanda in the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide. His involvement has grown out of that experience: firstly in encouraging the parish where he was incumbent to fund a Health Centre in Shyogwe where there was no health care whatever. Subsequently he has been involved in Bible teaching for Pastors and church leaders, taking a team from the parish where he was incumbent on two of his six following visits. Developing friendships and visiting Parishes and projects in the Diocese has become a key part of his ministry since joining the Trust in 2011.

Judy Stevens

Judy Stevens


Judy has visited Rwanda and was amazed by the enthusiasm and joy of its people specially the children. She is a retired teacher with a special interest in literacy and would love to do more to support education in the diocese. She is also keen to encourage pastors' wives as she survived years married to Jim and involved in the very different parishes  they have served. She now enjoys being closer to children and grandchildren in retirement near Tunbridge Wells.




Julia Lawrence

Julia Lawrence

Julia has visited Shyogwe Diocese on more than one occasion and recognises the importance of building strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in Rwanda.  She acts as minutes secretary for the Trust.  Julia served as a churchwarden in her last parish for a period of over 6 years split between the two churches in the benefice. She was also active in organising a Homegroup, Café Church and an Alpha Course.  She now lives in Mayfield in East Sussex and is married to Stephen.




Greg Moss

Greg Moss

Greg is a solicitor who has, with his wife Stephanie, been involved in Rwanda through the church they attend, St Philip's Dorridge (near Birmingham) since 2002. They have both visited several times. He is about to complete an MA in Mission and is principally interested in theological training, having been a local preacher for many years. He assists in the leadership of St Philips and when not practising as a lawyer is Chair of Governors at a multi-ethnic primary academy in inner-city Birmingham and a trustee of a childrens' centre in the nearby largely Muslim area of Sparkhill, where Stephanie is a GP. He enjoys doing sponsored open water swims for charity.


Jill Muir

Jill Muir

Jill is a retired primary school teacher with a passion for learning through drama.  Embedded in the local church, she not only leads a home group, but also finds resources for other home groups throughout her church.  She is active in prayer ministry and has a heart for the wider church family.  She lives in Tredington in Gloucestershire, is a keen gardener and is married to Peter.



Karen Woollard

Karen Woollard Karen is married to Mike Evans and attends a United Church in Warminster where she's lived for nearly 30 years.  She retired from special needs teaching in 2015 and became a Foundation School governor.  She is also a volunteer with the local Refugee Programme and with a Christian-based advisory centre.


Karen worked in Rwanda for two years and often visited Shyogwe where she met young people who benefitted from David Dale's vision of enabling the Rwandan youth to access education.  Her knowledge of local life and customs has proved invaluable to the Trust.


Each year, one or more of the Trustees travel to Shyogwe Diocese thereby maintaining personal links with those whom we aim to support.  These visits are self-funded and we seek to:

  1. support the Bishop in Shyogwe by visiting parishes and encouraging pastors and congregations
  2. monitor projects - observing the progress made between visits and assessing additional needs that might be supported by the Trust whether in building, education, training and/or health projects
  3. provide reports of visits detailing progress on existing and planned projects





Bishop Jered Kalimba

Bishop Jered



Bishop Jered is a courageous man of vision and dedication to his Christian calling in Shyogwe Diocese. His philosophy is one of encouraging the people to solve their own problems as far as they are able, to work to support their families with the minimum of dependency on aid, and to bring the Kingdom of God to the people of Shyogwe Diocese.




Jean Pierre Methode Rukundo

Rev Jean Pierre with his wife

In 2013 Jean Pierre (pictured here with his wife) completed three years theological study in Holland and returned to Rwanda to oversee project development in Shyogwe Diocese.  He works closely with Bishop Jered and is the Liaison Officer for the Trust.










David DaleCanon David Dale set up the Trust in 2001.  Since the mid-1980’s, fellow members of the congregation at St John’s Church, Marchwood, Hampshire, had been supporting the Parish of Nyarugenge in Shyogwe Diocese.  Following the 1994 genocide, three quarters of the population in that parish alone were widows and orphans - the needs of the people were great.  David Dale visited Shyogwe Diocese for the first time in April 1999 and immediately recognised that funds raised in the UK could go a long way to helping a people so traumatised by the genocide.  The Trust came into being and over the years has grown – both in numbers of supporters and in the numbers of Rwandans supported. In 2013/14, £24,000 was forwarded to Shyogwe Diocese to help with various projects and over the past five years over £200,000 has been raised.


David Dale

Canon David Dale, former Commissary to Bishop Jered, is now retired but makes the occasional visit to Shyogwe Diocese and maintains a keen interest in the Trust.  He is invaluable in his knowledge of the people and their family history and of a culture so different to that of the UK.  He is pictured here with one of the many Rwandan families he has supported through the Trust