Current Priority Projects/Prayer Requests



We are supporting the work of the pilot farm at Mbayaya in the creation of an avocado tree nursery.

This nursery is important.  There is an immediate vision to plant 1,000 avocado and mango trees in rural Rwanda to help stabilize the soil against erosion.  The trees will also provide nutritional fruit to the people living in poverty and also a cash crop.  The trees will be grown and given away free by the Anglican Church. Amos - the man in the picture - is a trained horticulturist and is spearheading the initiative.

Avocado saplingsEach sapling will cost £1 to raise, and so every £1 given will provide 1 tree in Rwanda. We are encouraging our supporters to buy a number of saplings as part of their Christmas gift for friends and family. Please visit our Just Giving page to donate.

You may then wish to print out some tokens (click here) to place in your Christmas cards. 


The David Dale Shyogwe Trust is supporting the work of the Mother’s Union in Rwanda which sets up ‘Healthy Mums Projects’ to help young mothers. Many of these girls have no parents to show them how to look after their babies and so these projects are vital.         

Clementine with young mumClementine (pictured here with a young mum receiving donated clothing) would like to set up a new project in a particularly poor area to help the very vulnerable young mothers there.

The Mothers Union also encourage the mums to form co-operatives to sustain themselves and once the babies become toddlers, they train them to provide nursery education.  In this way help is given to present and future generations. Young mums' toddlers

Just Giving Page for Healthy Mums Project:


Mothers' Union - Healthy Mums' Projects

Farming - avocado tree plantation

Nursery School classrooms

Student Sponsorship

Health Centres in rural areas

Vocational Training

Church Buildings

Water Tanks

Pastor/Catechist Training

Women’s Associations – appeals for livestock and agricultural aids

Land Acquisition



Whilst the David Dale Shyogwe Trust finances specific projects with funds given by individual sponsors and church/school links, the Trust is keen to be in a position to provide monies for various projects as and when the need arises.  Each time Trustees visit the Diocese, they are made aware of pressing needs and it is good to have funds at their disposal to make an immediate, but prioritised, response.  There have been 3 Trustee visits during 2017 and plans are afoot for 2018.

Setting off for rural parishesRwanda road

Fun with Rwandan children



The Trust has experienced very real answer to prayer.  From time to time we receive prayer requests from the Diocese - for example when there is considerable hardship because of the late arrival of the rainy season.  Certainly your prayer for Trustees as they visit Shyogwe would be much appreciated. Specific prayer requests can be seen in the Prayer Point letters below:

November 2017

March 2017

December 2016